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Not much happening lately other than wrestling with all the hills and mountains here. I had another great stay with my friends Shawn & Stephen in Matthews NC. They’ve done much traveling before their son, Kian was born. They met in Amsterdam where they lived for four years and then moved to South Africa for two years. Shawn was born in the U.S. and Stephen was born in Ireland, bringing his Irish accent with him. They are already planning to do more traveling soon but this time with their son. Thanks Shawn & Stephen for keeping my rain jacket for me and also for another wonderful stay in NC!

The temperature at night has been getting cooler and I expect from here on it will continue to do so. I hadn’t planned on being this far north as my trip to Victory Junction was more impulse than anything. I’ve depleted my budget and I think I’ll be looking to find a trucker that’s heading to Florida so I don’t spend valuable time riding back home. I’ve learned a lot from my trip and there is much work I need to do to make my trip across the U.S. smoother and more efficient. I was hoping to ride the whole way home to make it a round trip but I’ll really need the remaining time to plan and do some fund raising. I’m also thinking about a redesign for the website to make it more pleasing to the eye. A forum will be added so visitors can participate and add ideas and conversations during the trip.

The battery in my laptop is on it’s last legs and I’m afraid it may be down until I can afford a new one. I feel pretty lucky that the laptop has endured the trip thus far. The bike is in good condition but could use some general maintenance. I also need some new clothes since I’ve lost over 20 LBS. 🙂

The photos below are from Concord NC where I passed through on my way to Randleman. I had to stop this time and grab more photos of the large boulders that are scattered around this small town. The locals tell me they were thrown there many years ago from a volcano near Rockingham Speedway.

I’ve been spending some time writing my entry for my Victory Junction visit and I hope to have it finished and on your desk soon.

Enjoy the pix!

Total mileage: 2,345

Retired NASCAR Driver Dale Jarrett's Ford Dealership

One of many hills that I've been putting behind me.

Near Rockingham

A cross-eye 3D version

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