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Lexington To Concord

My energy levels seemed to be a little low today or these hills have grown since I traveled them last. I didn’t find a good place to eat breakfast until 10:15 AM and by then the restaurant wasn’t serving breakfast anymore. So I adjusted my taste buds and had lunch instead at Smokey Joe’s Barbecue in Lexington. This is the town that has life size pigs throughout the town at selected locations. Smokey Joe’s had one too. I asked the waitress why they were all over the town. She looked at me with a smile and asked where I was from. I told her, Florida. “This is the barbecue capital!” she said loud enough for everyone in the restaurant to hear. “Oh!” I said just as loudly. “Where I come from, we have space shuttles all over our town.” She gave me a look like we just came to a draw in a game of chess and then she filled my coffee cup for me.

I feel like I made more rest stops today than normal. Maybe it was because I had to start hitting the hills early rather than later in my ride. The weather was very good most of the day and I managed to pass out a few more of my cards at my rest stops.

I’ve decided I’ll be retracing my route back to Charlotte where I forgot my rain jacket. Shawn and Stephen welcomed me back for a second “couch surf” at their home. I can already picture that nice comfy bed with the tupperware container full of mixed nuts and dried fruit on the table next to it, along with two small bottles of water and two granola bars. What class!

From Charlotte I’ll migrate over more to the east along the coast to cover new ground. Eventually I will stop in Daytona to see my friend Ron Alley who promised to make me a lasagna dinner!

When I rode through Kannapolis this time I stayed on Rt. 29 (Main St.) rather than the side roads I took coming up the first time. I’m glad I did because I got to see the Dale Earnhardt memorial that was built with funds from his fans and friends.

The bike is holding up rather well but the brakes are going to need some attention. Especially the rear brake. Between the pad wearing down and the cable stretch, the lever is making contact with the handlebars when I squeeze it. The calipers don’t open up too well either because of all the dirt that has worked it’s way into the moving parts.

Total mileage: 2,241

© Ron Wynkoop and Bike2Cloud9, 2011.

Update To Victory Junction

My travels have brought me to Thomasville NC where I am a stone’s throw away (+-20 miles) from my destination, Victory Junction at Randleman. I am at the library trying to make accommodations for a couple of days so that arrangements can be made for my visit at the camp. I’ve contacted a couple of “couch surfing” hosts and hope to have a place to stay tonight and hopefully tomorrow.

I spent two days in Lexington because of a slow steady rain. I discovered that somewhere along the way I either lost or forgot my rain jacket. My options for a place to stay in Lexington were few. Someone suggested the homeless shelter but I would feel guilty taking a cot from someone who needed it more than me. I ended up finding a place at a church in town with a nice little secluded courtyard.

My ride from Lexington to Thomasville was a damp one due to a heavy mist hanging close to the ground. My shirt soaked up the moisture and I stopped a few times at convenience stores to let the air conditioning dry me out. The coffee wasn’t half bad either.

I hope to catch up on some of the missing gaps in my journey due to the lack of time it takes to produce these entries. Libraries and McDonald’s Wi-Fi just doesn’t provide the time I need.

Total mileage: 2,093

A few more photos from the past few days.

Home of Dale Earnhardt and my 2,000 mile mark!

A cute little train station

These pigs, in different varieties, seemed to be all around Lexington. This one was at the library.

A giant chair in Thomasville

© Ron Wynkoop and Bike2Cloud9, 2011.