Progress Map

This map will show my location accurate as to my latest position upload.

I carry a GPS tracker with me that records my position every 5 seconds as I travel. It is not a real time GPS and will only create a path in Google Maps after I upload the data. It will also mark where my maximum speed was obtained during the ride.

This is a quick composite of the routes I rode during my 3 month, 2,500 mile trip. There are one or two sections missing that I may have mislabeled when I saved the original data file and I will find them later and add them in. This is a screenshot from Google Earth so the fine detail doesn’t appear where I may have rode around a town or covered the same route on my return trip. This will just give a quick glance of the distance covered. The labels are sideways so I could turn the image in GE to get the largest screenshot possible.

Click the photo for a larger, sharper image.

Or see the photos in Google Earth and where they were taken. You will need to have Google Earth installed on your computer for this option. Photos In Google Earth!



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  1. Charles Casey

    Go Jay! If you are coming through ABQ, let me know. You have a place to stay and refresh. Charlie

    • Hey Charlie! I sure will. I’m glad to see you found the site. Hope you check in on me from time to time. It should be a fun time. I’ll be sure to plot a path through NM too!

  2. Good luck on your journey, Ron. I try to read your reports every day. If you come through San Diego County, you’ve got a homecooked meal and a bed if you like.

  3. Wow, you are awesome! When I was in jr. high I discovered John Steinbeck’s book about getting in a camper with his poodle and traveling around America (Travels with Charlie). I became sort of obsessed with the book and the idea of traveling and visiting with people you meet along the way. I later read the book written by the guy who walked across America in the 70’s, and then Blue Highways…all books written by people like you. You are doing what I’ve always wanted to do, and I’ll bet what lots and lots of others have dreamed of doing. I will be following your journey with with the enthusiasm of a stalker who needs to be closely supervised!
    Alice (Ms. Teacher)

    • Ms. Teacher! One of my most favorite 2 stalkers! Glad to see you! Now we just need Emmy here. Glad you found the site and hope you enjoy riding with me.

      Right now I’m at Denny’s in Spring Hill FL on the Wi-Fi trying to find a place to camp but every campground seems to be for RV’s.

      Thanks for the comment, too!

      • If you havent past the “Mines ” yet they are on the west side of US 19 You’ll be able to pitch a tent there . Or the road that goes toward Airipeaka…Doesnt sound like you have made it to Weeki Wachee yet but there are some nice fields on the south end of their parking lot that you might be able to get deep enough in that you wont be noticed..Sorry I missed ya ..but will keep up with your progress!

      • Hi Gina, thanks for your comment and checking in! It’s about 12:10 PM and I just passed through Weeki Wachee after taking some pics of the mermaids! lol On my way to Brooksville and then Invernese. Little cloudy today but it’s not raining yet. Made a quick stop at Panera Bread to check in before moving on.

  4. Going through Waldo, FL? Make sure to say hello to Waldo if you “find” him!

  5. I didn’t even know about the Timucuan historical area there, you should check it out, take pictures and stuff..

  6. Hi!!! I haven’t been on tnet in a while, so had no idea you were doing this! If you head through the DFW area, you’re welcome to stay at my place….as long as you don’t mind a curious kitty who would probably follow you around everywhere! Emmy isn’t too far from me either. About an hour or so by car. By bike….well……

    meep from tnet

    • Hi meep!

      So good to see you! Glad you dropped in. I’ll pencil in both you and Emmy on my cross country trip. It would be a joy to meet you both in person after knowing you for so long. Hope you keep tabs on me and enjoy the ride to come.


  7. Yo it’s me from Dennys you ready to got to Cal. I’m ready .


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