This journey is mostly funded from my “Dream Jar.” I do understand that in this economy there is not much, if any, “disposable income” for some people anymore, so if nothing else, I’m glad to have you along for the ride and look forward to hearing from you in the comments each day.

Any donation of $25 or more will entitle you to receive Bike Tracks tracking data by email which works with Google Earth. You can click on the file and Google Earth will open and display the path that I ride during my travels. The path is created via a tracking device I carry with me that records my position every 5 seconds. It displays the stops I make and my maximum speed during each ride. Please indicate if you wish to receive Bike Tracks for your donation of $25 or more.

I will list on my Sponsor Page the names of those who donate along with a link to their blog, website or Facebook page. Donation amounts will not be included. Upon request you may remain anonymous. Donations are not tax deductible.

You may use the button below to securely use Pay Pal or Credit/Debit cards.



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  1. Dennis "Bondo" Bruno

    Ron, You are truly an inspiration to me. I have decided to quit my job, give notice to my landlord, and ride along with you. I only have a Huffy 3 speed bike from about 1972, but I’m up for the challenge.Can’t wait till the end of this month. Your friend, Bondo

  2. May you see God in everything around you. And may He keep you safe.

  3. AussieAnnette

    Being another Ol 55er who would not in a million years be up to leaving my belongings behind and undertaking a long bike ride, I am riding vicariously with you…. Maybe one day I may actually stand on US soil but that seems an unattainable dream at the moment so following your adventure will have to do for now.
    Stay safe, keep healthy and God Bless!

    • Thank you Annette,

      Just a few weeks before I set out on this journey I met a cyclist who is riding around the world. His goal is to bike to Australia. I sent him some interview questions and hope to feature him on this blog as soon as I hear back from him.


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