Tips for viewing Cross Eye 3D

If you still have trouble seeing the 3D effect there are a few more things to try.

In our daily lives most of us don’t walk around or look at things with our eyes crossed. First off because it makes us look goofy. Second, it would be hard to function seeing two of everything. But there are times when we cross our eyes and don’t realize it. When we look at something close up like a bug or the face of a lover just before a kiss. The amount you cross your eyes to see the 3D effect is not much. Some people cross their eyes too much and get frustrated after the first minute or so. Our eyes aren’t trained to naturally cross when we’re looking at something further away than our elbow.

Below I’ll describe a simple trick that works for people who can’t see the 3D effect right away.

First, let’s cover the basics. Be sure there is no glare on the screen. If there is a room light on that causes a reflection of anything in the room onto the monitor glass it will confuse your eyes. Adjust the room lighting to eliminate glare.

Next, you’ll want to be about arms length or more away from the screen. The further away you are the less you have to cross your eyes. The further away you get the smaller the image gets and you tend to see less detail. Arms length is a good starting point. After you get in the habit of training your eyes to view the pictures you can move closer to the screen and have a better experience.

Keep your eyes level or horizontal with the images. If your head is slightly tilted, one image will be high and the other one will be low and the offset will also confuse the eye. While you look at the picture with your eyes crossed, slightly tilt your head from one side to the other and you’ll get a feel for where horizontal is. It’s pretty easy to do but if you’re not aware that your head is tilted you’ll have problems.

Now try this little trick. Put your right thumb on the tip of your nose. Use your pointer finger and point it at the center between the two images. Look directly at the tip of your pointer finger. This is as much as you need to cross your eyes. While looking at the tip of your finger as you’re pointing, notice the image in the background. Don’t try to look right at the image, just notice it. Your right eye is looking at your fingertip and the left side of your screen. Your left eye is looking at your fingertip and the right side of your screen. Keep looking at your fingertip while noticing the image on the screen. Slowly move your head closer or further away and the photos will come together. It will be nice and clear.

Grand Canyon Brass View Pointer

You will see three images at the same time. The middle image is the 3D image. Concentrate on the middle image as the outside two tend to blend a little with the middle one. Once you see the 3D image, it will pop right out at you. Your eyes will lock onto it and make it easier to keep the two pictures aligned. Another thing you’ll notice is that the middle picture becomes more clearer than the original two. That’s because you are seeing double the amount of pixels. Your eyes are seeing two pictures but your brain is seeing one with twice as much detail.

© Ron Wynkoop and Bike2Cloud9, 2011.

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