Update To Victory Junction

My travels have brought me to Thomasville NC where I am a stone’s throw away (+-20 miles) from my destination, Victory Junction at Randleman. I am at the library trying to make accommodations for a couple of days so that arrangements can be made for my visit at the camp. I’ve contacted a couple of “couch surfing” hosts and hope to have a place to stay tonight and hopefully tomorrow.

I spent two days in Lexington because of a slow steady rain. I discovered that somewhere along the way I either lost or forgot my rain jacket. My options for a place to stay in Lexington were few. Someone suggested the homeless shelter but I would feel guilty taking a cot from someone who needed it more than me. I ended up finding a place at a church in town with a nice little secluded courtyard.

My ride from Lexington to Thomasville was a damp one due to a heavy mist hanging close to the ground. My shirt soaked up the moisture and I stopped a few times at convenience stores to let the air conditioning dry me out. The coffee wasn’t half bad either.

I hope to catch up on some of the missing gaps in my journey due to the lack of time it takes to produce these entries. Libraries and McDonald’s Wi-Fi just doesn’t provide the time I need.

Total mileage: 2,093

A few more photos from the past few days.

Home of Dale Earnhardt and my 2,000 mile mark!

A cute little train station

These pigs, in different varieties, seemed to be all around Lexington. This one was at the library.

A giant chair in Thomasville

© Ron Wynkoop and Bike2Cloud9, 2011.

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  1. Might I suggest you use a a simple word pressor, such as your generic garden variety MS Word type, to create your daily entries on a daily basis, which you can then copy and paste in short time once you have wifi access? This way, you can take all the time you like to write while your thoughts are fresh in your mind. You get the idea.

    • I have done that on occasion but most of the time I find myself outdoors in hot, muggy weather. And sitting up in a tent with a laptop is comfortable for about 3 minutes. But I guess that’s why they call it “roughing it.”

  2. Ron, I know where your rain jacket is!! I saw it yesterday in my garage and then I felt bad because of all the rain we had! Email me an address and I can post it to you if you like?

    • Fantastic! I hadn’t even thought I would have left it there. I’m so glad it’s not gone forever. As soon as I figure out which route I’ll be taking back, I’ll email you. Thanks Stephen. Once again you come shining through! 🙂


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