More Photos

Three Rivers Columbia SC

Derwin Jeffcoat and Scott Schafer responding to a call the night I stayed in Kershaw

Behind Jeff & Scott's EMS station

Lugoff SC

Every town has their sign

Calvary Church Charlotte NC

Charlotte Skyline

NASCAR Hall Of Fame Charlotte NC

Rock Ridge NC

Total mileage: 2,035

© Ron Wynkoop and Bike2Cloud9, 2011.

About bike2cloud9

Recently retired and going to attempt crossing the U.S. on my bicycle. Please become a sponsor or just cheer me on!

4 responses »

  1. there was a lonely town call rock ridge
    where people live in harmony…. lalalala (Blazing Saddles)

  2. Fantastic pics as always……I can’t believe you peddled that far…….amazing….how are you getting back here? We are all proud of you..Be safe and enjoy yourself at your destination

    Love ya cuz,

  3. My vicarious travel continues….
    Thanks for all the great shots and for allowing me to come on this journey with you… albeit from so many 1000’s of miles away and with you doing all the work.
    Keep a peddlin, stay safe and enjoy.


    • Alison from Australia

      Ditto to all of AussieAnnette’s comments from me. I touched down in Charlotte NC when I was there last year, but the airport doesn’t really give a feel for the city does it? 😉
      I’m loving following your adventures. Stay safe.



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