Brunswick To Jesup

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After being held up (delayed) in Brunswick by weather for three days, I was ready to move on. The sky was cloudless blue and the temperature was cooler than it has ever been. Moving northward I’m noticing the sand is starting to get a little redder in color from the clay content. U.S. 341 had a sizable shoulder for riding except that it had rumble strips gouged in it leaving only a thin smooth strip to ride on which was close to the white line or close to the edge of the asphalt. Later it changed to a narrower pattern giving more room to ride on a smoother surface.

Within my first few hours in Jesup I had three people inquire about my journey. More than any other town or city I’ve been to. Later in the day I stopped at a Dairy Queen to get myself a Peanut Buster Parfait and had a Chaplin that rode in on a motorcycle and after getting his ice cream, invited himself to sit down with me and talk. Before he left he took my hand and closed his eyes and blessed me with a prayer for a safe journey.

Most times when I enter a new town one of the first places I look for is a Walmart. If for nothing else, I know they have a good selection of common bicycle parts if I were to need them. It’s also a great place to wash up and cool down and grab some fresh fruit.

Just on the outer edges of the Walmart parking lot was a Taco Bell. I was sitting outside on the patio just after packing up my computer from using the Wi-Fi there when a pick-up truck pulled up that totally shocked me. I quickly unholstered my camera and started shooting.

Pure Mogan

The driver/owner of the truck was Pure Mogan. A rough looking man wearing black jeans and a sleeveless black shirt and a black cowboy hat with some kind of snake mounted onto it so that the wide open mouth was visible just above the brim in front. He had a calm speaking voice and a thick draw that made it hard for me understand some of what he said.

I’m not sure where all the animals and animal skins came from but there was very little of his truck that was not covered with fur. Stuck to the rear window was a bat with it’s wings extended outward. The heads of a fox and rabbit stuck out from the driver’s door and their butts were sticking out of the passenger side door. Some critters were posed with other figurines such as the squirrel with Woody from Toy Story riding it like a horse. Two snakes were posed in upright positions on the hood that rose much higher than the roof of the truck. Little baby chicks lined the running boards. There was also an alligator head hood ornament. I’m sure he uses Turtle Wax to protect the finish.

I didn’t manage to find a place where I could set up the tent and as a cost cutting measure decided to stay at Waffle House and drink coffee all night to see what luck might befall me. That’s where I met the night shift Josh, Just and Jonathan. Josh and Just are brothers and have worked at WH along with their father and other family members for years. Jonathan actually works as a waiter at another restaurant and was visiting his friends.

The night got a little colder than usual so I pulled my blue jeans out of my saddle bag and did a quick change in the restroom.

We swapped stories and jokes while customers trickled in throughout the night. Thanks to these guys I was able to make a few new friends in what is probably the most welcoming town I’ve ridden into.

I left Waffle House as soon as it was light enough for drivers to see me on the road. My first thoughts were to find a secluded spot somewhere and take a nap before continuing on but instead I chose to start out for Hinesville. After riding a few miles I checked the rate at a small motel on the outskirts of town and bargained for a room at a price I could afford. I was ready to sleep all day.

Total mileage: 1,477

This pump brings back memories

© Ron Wynkoop and Bike2Cloud9, 2011.

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  2. To each his/her own.

    I am not a hunter. I have never had, nor ever wish to have any stuffed animals.

    However, I find the truck wonderful !!

    Its so nice to see individuals in this world that strives to stomp them out.

    AND its even nicer to see them welcoming as they are frequently defensive and withdrawn from all the gruff they take .As a general rule, the more individual they are, the more gruff they take. This guy must have been open to these pictures, or Ron would not have them.


  3. To each his/her own.

    I have no personal interest in hunting or taxidermy.

    However, I am always inspired by people who are willing to be individuals. In a world that strives to stomp them out, I admire those who have the courage to be themselves.

    Therefore, I find this truck awesome !!


  4. Thats so weird.

    When I attempted to reply, the first time I got an error message saying “this is a duplicate message”

    So, I deleted the whole thing and reworded it.

    This time, the site let me post it just fine, but also had posted the first one, despite the error message.

    It sure didn’t stop me when I really had sent a duplicate thought, lol


  5. Bet the truck guy is single..he-he

  6. Dee, that bet really doesn’t do our brother any good. …hehehehe


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