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For the first time yesterday I felt a little homesick and maybe a little lonely too. Maybe it’s the rainy weather. Maybe it’s the time away from the familiar.

The past week has been so humid from the rain that I need to take extra precaution in keeping my laptop, camera and phone dry. Going from air conditioning to the outdoors causes condensation which isn’t good, especially for the laptop. I have to quickly get it back into the saddlebag and sandwiched into the towel I use as a condensation dryer.

It rained pretty long last night at the Hanna Campground. Some limbs from the trees broke off and fell onto camp sites. No one was hurt because one site was empty and the other missed my tent by about 15 feet. This morning I could hear another limb ripping away from the tree and crashing to the ground somewhere else in the park. Don’t know if I’d stay in that park again.

Spent some time looking at maps for my trip to Randleman N.C. and it looks very different from Florida. My biggest concern, I think, is going to be bears and or snakes while camping. Guess I’ll need to be talking to the locals for wisdom. This is going to take some research to find the best roads and shortest distances.

Right now I’m about 5 miles west of Atlantic Beach at a Panera Bread store using the Wi-Fi to find a couch on Couchsurfing.org. I don’t feel like going back to that campground again. Today wasn’t much of a traveling day but I did get get some Internet time. I don’t like getting too far behind with updates.

Total mileage: 1260

Palatka Train Station

A tunnel for bikes too, in Palatka.

Spent the night at Denny's in St. Augustine on July 4th

Sunrise at Castillo de San Marcos, St. Augustine

Just a side street in St. Augustine

Bridge of Lions, St. Augustine

Bridge of Lions St. Augustine

Anastasia State Park

Somewhere along Atlantic Beach

We have something in common. I can relate to this little guy.

Atlantic Beach

St. Johns River

Along the St. Johns River

Near dawn at Hanna Campground along Atlantic Beach

© Ron Wynkoop and Bike2Cloud9, 2011.

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  1. Jim Sheridan

    As always, thanks for the wonderful shots. St. Augustine is a beautiful city, especially for those of us with an appreciation of history.

  2. Ron can not help with the bears. I have heard that if you lay a rope around you tent snakes will not cross, do not know how true this is. very nice pictures. MAY THE WIND ALWAYS BE AT YOUR BACK.


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