Great News! Victory Junction Has Chosen To Be My Charity!

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I just got the official word that Victory Junction will be my charity for my ride across America! I couldn’t be happier! I’ve made donations to VJ in the past but this will give me the opportunity to generate a greater donation so kids with chronic medical conditions or serious illnesses can go to camp.

I have already changed my course for Randleman, North Carolina to shake hands and get some photos.


About bike2cloud9

Recently retired and going to attempt crossing the U.S. on my bicycle. Please become a sponsor or just cheer me on!

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  1. Glad to hear they picked you I will be following you alon the way. MAY THE WIND BE AT YOUR BACK

  2. Hooray! A TERRIFIC cause, and they couldn’t have a bigger booster than you, Ron.
    Have them send a press release to me and we’ll drum up support through Teachers.Net Gazette! Maybe you’ll set a new course, hit NASCAR race sites, or other Hole in the Wall Camps? Or??


  4. Ron, we’re all so very happy for you. Congratulations and continue your ride with pride! Love you, Dee Ray & Jake

  5. Woop woop!!! That’s awesome i knew they would do it your the man!! I think u just earned your free pass to heaven, I’m so happy that you got the sponsership you wanted they are lucky to have you. We Miss u be safe

    • Victory Junction is not a sponsorship. It’s a charity. I’m hoping to collect donations for them through my website with my trip across the U.S. All of my expenses are paid by me and the sponsors on my sponsor page. I get no money from Victory Junction.

      I think Victory Junction is an awesome opportunity for kids whose families can’t afford the overwhelming expenses of medical costs and care just so their children can experience the excitement of camp activities.

      But yes, it would be great to have to a major sponsor for my expenses.


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