Bayonet Point To Spring Hill

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6/26 – After leaving Bayonet Point, I rode about 12 miles to Spring Hill. My rear tire was getting spongy from a slow leak and I decide to change the tube instead of pumping it back up every hour. I pulled into the Walmart at Spring Hill and located the auto shop in back. They allowed me to change my tube there and use their air hose to pump the 65 lbs. of air pressure into the tire. The tire itself is showing the wear from the weight but the front is almost as good as new. I’ll probably switch the two tires later.

Tim, Tim, Kim and Matt of Spring Hill

Camp Fireworks

It was getting late and I needed to find a place to pitch my tent before dark. After leaving Walmart I came to a roadside fireworks stand with the big tent. It was on a grassy lot and had plenty of room behind the tent and a Port-A-Potty!

I rode up and talked to the people at the cash register and explained what I was doing and asked if it was possible to put my tent up on their lot. Tim, who was sitting with his wife Kim and two sons Matt and Tim, gave me the go ahead. I went right to work to get the tent up and get myself settled. After unloading the bike I went back to Walmart to eat and get some necessities.

Tim and his family were great hosts and it was good to sit and talk with them. The oldest son Matt, is a member of the Civil Air Patrol and at 16, pilots an airplane! Tim, the youngest son, seemed to enjoy the activity and his video games back in their trailer.

In the morning I got myself some pancakes and coffee. I packed up my stuff, got a photo of the crew and was on my way. Thanks Tim and family!

Mileage today: 15 (approx)

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