St. Petersburg To Clearwater

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My new, cheap sunglasses broke yesterday so I fixed them with some Crazy Glue. The arm snapped while I was moving around adjusting my packs. Today they snapped again when I was taking them off. I ended up toasting my eyeballs for a few hours until I could buy another pair.

The morning ride was very peaceful and as I made my way to the Gulf Coast the scenery was just beautiful. I’m reluctant to take photos that look like they belong in a Chamber of Commerce brochure but when I reached the barrier islands around Indian Rocks Beach and Sand Key everything is so gorgeous you could drop your camera on the ground making it snap a picture and it would be suitable for any full page ad in a magazine. The whole place was like Disney World; designed so every angle is a photo op.

Once in Clearwater, clouds formed and darkened and just seemed to hang in one spot. It was hard to tell which way they were moving if they were moving at all. This put a lull in my travel. I had a big bridge to cross but I didn’t want to chance getting wet. I made one attempt but started feeling the raindrops so I turned around and went back. The rain poured from the clouds over the far end of the bridge making it look like long gray theater curtains swishing across the stage.

Mileage today: 40.25

Chris from Verizon was the only thing standing in my way

Indian Rock Beach

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