Ybor City To St. Petersburg

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Highlight of the day was crossing the Gandy Bridge across Old Tampa Bay. Approaching the nearly three mile long bridge I could see the clouds building up and debated whether I should start across. Once out there, there is no place to hide or duck for cover. I went as far as the park alongside the entrance to the bridge and watched the clouds for about fifteen minutes. There was no lightning and they seemed to be pushing to the southeast. The headwind was cool and steady. Luckily the incline was not as high as some of the other bridges but the wind made up for the lack of pitch. Once over the high part, the rest of the bridge is flat. I strained looking into the distance to see the roadway ahead of me disappear into the heat waves and miraged horizon.

At the base of the bridge I found a hardcover book lying on the ground with the pages turning in the wind. The Last Woman in His Life by Ellery Queen. Copyright 1969. Page 59 was “dogeared.”

After the bridge the two mile causeway to the mainland was nothing but smooth blacktop. It was like riding across a frying pan. The smell of asphalt overtook the scent of the pine trees and fresh bay air. At the end I stopped at the first gas station I came to and gulped down two tall cans of Arizona  ice tea. It never tasted so good!

Mileage today: 31.2

East Side Of Gandy Bridge. Clouds Building In the West

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Tampa Manhole Cover

While resting and texting this truck pulled in. Imagine my surprise when I looked up!

I just saw some resemblance between the semi at the light and the shark on the billboard

© Ron Wynkoop and Bike2Cloud9, 2011.

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