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Follow along in detail with Bike Tracks for any donation over $25. This one time donation entitles you to all Bike Tracks created afterward. My Bike Tracks are created by a GPS tracking device that records my position every 5 seconds. This creates a “breadcrumb” trail of every turn and stop I make. Details such as how long each stop takes, maximum speed recorded plus start and end marks.

The Bike Tracks are easily displayed in Google Earth via a small data file. For your donation of $25 or more you will receive one file via email for each day that I travel. Keep in mind that I can only send files when I have Internet access so there may be times when several files would be sent to make up days missed.

I will save a portion of each donation for a head start contribution to Victory Junction.

To get Bike Tracks simply go to the SPONSIFY page and click on the DONATE button. You can make donations using Pay Pal, Visa, Master Card and others. Provide your name, city, state and the link to your website, Facebook or similar page if you would like to be listed on the sponsor list. Please request if you wish to remain anonymous.

Anyone that has already made a donation of $25 or more can send an email to the address on the ABOUT page requesting your Bike Tracks.

Download Sample File Now You must have Google Earth installed on your computer.


About bike2cloud9

Recently retired and going to attempt crossing the U.S. on my bicycle. Please become a sponsor or just cheer me on!

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  1. is the portion the same amount from every donation? And what is that amount? Is it a tax deduction ?

    • All donations are to me personally. Until the agreement between myself and Victory Junction is official for my trip across America the amount I personally donate is a private matter between myself and Victory Junction. No, it is not a tax deduction.


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