Koreshan To Ft. Myers

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Sometime very early this morning I woke up to find it much chillier than it was when I went to sleep. I unzipped the sleeping bag my good friend Bondo gave to me and wrapped up all snuggley till daybreak.

When I woke I sat on the picnic table drinking my Gatorade and starting to feel the cool air being pushed away by the sun’s aura as it started to peek through the trees. The sounds of the night were gone and now replaced by the busy traffic of flies and birds and other bugs already into working their day jobs.

I needed to charge my camera battery and after rifling through my bags I found the charger. I went to the electrical box and lifted the cover when something fell out. The leaves and pine needles where it fell were rustling vigorously as though it were a fish on the end of a hook breaking the surface of the water. Then I saw a small tail poke up from between the crisp dry leaves. It was a small gecko. I never felt him with my fingers but I guess when the cover moved it must have fatally injured it. Slowly the rustling came to a stop. I never saw the body. Only saw the tail stick up a few times.

For those of you playing along:

1 kitten
1 Gecko

I rode about eight miles when I stopped at Perkin’s for breakfast. I sat outside for a while until I cooled off enough to go inside and head for the rest room to wash up with cool water before eating. The clouds were building up in the direction I was going so I took my time eating to let them pass by.

The bridge I crossed last time showing the sign with the two poles.

After breakfast I made an attempt to ride for a least two-bottles-of-water long. I didn’t make it. Just outside Ft. Myers there was another mountain of gray clouds coasting across the sky towards me. I would never outrun them. Luckily for me I spotted a Barnes & Noble and ducked in there with my laptop. A good time to export my photos from the camera to my PC.

Sure enough there was short cloud burst and then a sun shower.

Finally made it to Ft. Myers where I had to take the correct bridge across the water this time instead of the bridge I took going south on training day 8. This time I made the right choice. When I got to the bottom of the bridge I stopped to take a photo looking back. What I didn’t know was, while I was taking the photo, my foot was on top a red ant hill. Suddenly they started biting my ankles. I looked down to see them all over my foot, sock and ankle! I started stomping my foot on the ground to knock them off. Then I pulled my shoe off and danced around on one foot while trying to take my sock off. I didn’t want to grab it by the top because that’s where most of the ants were. So I tried to pull the sock by the toe and that just ended up like one of those Chinese handcuff things that get tighter the more you pull.

Top of the correct bridge looking down

So while I’m entertaining the passing motorists I notice that the ants were on full alert! They were racing around looking for anything that moved or was dancing on one foot. They started going up the wheel of my bike and all I imagined was this herd of ants finding it’s way into my gear and haunting me for the next month.

Bottom looking up from Red Ant Hill

Now, I’m half trying to keep my bare foot off the ground while moving my bike away from the mound, while bouncing my bike to knock them off, while slinging and slapping my sock against the gaurdrail to get them to let go of the sock!

In all I got about five or six bites.

Today’s mileage: 27.6
Total mileage to date: 525

© Ron Wynkoop and Bike2Cloud9, 2011.

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  1. ant bites suck.

    Lol, the visual of Ron vs the ants. Why couldn’t your sisiter and her video camera have been there for that?

    Glad to hear you managed a minimum of bites.

    Happy peddlin’


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