Naples to Koreshan State Historic Site

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Other than being stalked for about 25 miles by an obsessive photographer it was a rather uneventful day. I had been riding for over an hour, leaving early in the morning as the sun was starting to come up over the trees. While riding down the sidewalk/bike path at a nice, steady, minding my own business kind of speed, I came to spot where I could either stay on the bumpy sidewalk or veer off to the right into a much smoother parking lot. Whichever way I went I would have to go around a bush or a hedge. Sidewalk is left of the bush. Parking lot is right of the bush. I chose the parking lot.

As I got to the end of the bush, I was startled when a head with a camera for a nose popped up from behind the bush! It was my sister, Michelle! I didn’t stop but rather just kept peddling and laughing for a good 10 minutes afterwards. I knew this wasn’t going to be the end of it. After a few miles more, there she was again! Standing at the end of a long straight path just shooting at me! Again I just ignored her. If you pay these kind of people too much attention it starts to become a sickness. Now she was riding down the road next to me side by side with her camera aimed out the window. I just can’t shake this girl. I may just have to break down make her the head of the P.R. Dept.

Maybe with her permission she’ll let me post some of the pictures and video she took.

In the meantime I took some pics of my own. This time flowers seemed to be prominent. I have no idea what kinds of flowers these are but I thought they looked pretty nice and some of them very vibrant.


I made my way to the Koreshan State Historic Site at about 3 PM.

Ranger Claire Embrey

Ranger Claire Embrey of Koreshan State Historic Site

I was greeted by Park Ranger Claire, a very sweet and personable woman with sun washed white hair that seems to love her job. She checked me in and breezed me through the details of staying at the park. She was happy to let me take her photo and thanked me for asking first. She sent me on my way and into the wilderness I went.

I found my site with no trouble and was glad to see that it was maintained as well as if they had maid service. I leaned my bike against the picnic table and after some careful planning, grabbed my tent bag and began to set up camp. The tent went up as easily as it did when I assembled in my apartment, sans the stakes.

It was still hot and the trees reduced the breeze a bit and I was still sweating pretty good. A nice cool shower sounded like a great idea. I placed all my belongings in the tent and hopped on my unloaded bike in search of water and a curtain. I don’t have flip-flops so I showered with my socks on so as not to pick up anything I might need medicine for. The cool water was every bit as wonderful as a waterfall.

When I returned to camp I discovered a visitor. He was eating all my scant little patches of vegetation! It was a turtle and that’s about as much I know. To me, ALL turtles are snapping turtles. As he ate his way around the site he slowly walked over to the tent as if inspecting it. I’m sure he’s seen many tents in his day and knew right off I was an amateur at this. But he kept his critique to himself and move on.

It wasn’t long before the sky started to cloud up and I could hear thunder in the distance. The wind started blowing and along with it the scents of the sun scorched earth. I already had the rain-fly over the tent just because I didn’t want to have to do it in the dark if storms rolled in later. The clouds looked very threatening but only got about ten minutes of a normal rain. The sky cleared and I could see stars starting to shine as if to say, “Have a good night.”

Then came the concert of nature sounds. First it was the crickets creating the steady backdrop. Then the frogs joined in. Some close by and some off in the distance making a soundscape that filled my imagination and lulled me to sleep.

Mileage today: 45

© Ron Wynkoop and Bike2Cloud9, 2011.

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  1. Dennis 'bondo' bruno

    Very nice, the story & the pictures!

  2. “Maybe with her permission she’ll let me post some of the pictures and video she took.” The photographer has posted videos and photos of your bike ride to her social media site, Facebook. Perhaps if you got on board with the rest of the world, you could link to those funny videos and photos you speak of. Heh?

  3. Loving your blog and photos. Stay safe and have fun!
    jennyi on tnet


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