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Photo by Michelle Craig

I got as much stuff done as I can for now and I’m well rested and feel great. When I left Merritt Island on June 1st, I weighed myself using the scale at Publix and weighed in at 192 lbs. Using the scale again at a Publix here in Naples Marco Island, I’m down to 187 lbs. I’m sure I was probably less than that when I first arrived but I’m sure I gained a few pounds back from slacking off. All in all it’s still a net loss of 5 lbs. GO ME!

Just as the sun starts to rise in the morning I’ll be back on the road headed north up Tamiami Trail (Rt.41) toward the Gulf Coast. This time I’ll be looking at campgrounds to stay at and hoping they have WiFi and fewer mosquitoes than here.

I won’t be able to cross Tampa Bay via the Sunshine Skyway Bridge into St. Petersburg, which would be awesome, so I’ll have to go the long way around and pick one of the 3 bridges over Old Tamp Bay. But that’s my projected heading and I don’t expect to go much further than Ft. Myers at most in one day. My target for now is Koreshan State Park just north of Bonita Springs. A comfortable 35 mile ride.

The only problem now is that I’ve spent so much time in air conditioning I won’t be perspiring, I’ll be condensating.  🙂

Someone was here before me! I liked the browns in this photo.

Tips for viewing cross-eye 3D

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  1. Dennis "Bondo" Bruno

    Hello Ron. Bondo here. First off Rose says hello and loves those sexy legs! Ahhh yea about that! lol. Don’t worry, it won’t be too long before your legs are as brown as the cans in the picture. I have got to say, I always look foward to your still life subject matter. Well best of luck on picking up your journey again. I’ll be in touch soon and still keeping up the work for the cause from this end. Take care! Bondo

  2. Uhhh hey there buddy. That Publix is not in Naples but Marco Island.

  3. Greetings Ron !!

    its a shame you missed the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. the view from there is amazing. Why couldn’t you go that way? I recall it being closed for a few years after a ship hit it, back in the early 80s, but not aware of anything current.

    Anyway, I talked to the owner of a local bike shop yesterday, and he was nice and helpful. He came across, to me, like I imagine your new friend, (bike shop) Tony would. He said that he has a fully stocked shop and does all kinds of repairs. In the rare instance that he doesn’t have anything you need, he says his suppliers can overnight it from Seattle.

    Like I said, I don’t know if you are looking at coming this way, but if so, I got your back.

    More later

    • OK, I just did some research, and found out that since the new bridge was built opened in 1987 it is closed to pedestrians and bicyclists.

      Answered my own question, lol

      On a sidenote, I would love to see this new bridge. I remember the old one being simply awe-inspiring. Monstrously tall, and 5 1/2 miles long. Aparently, this one is even more impressive. I had moved away from the bay area before this new one was built.

      • It’s an awesome bridge. Check it out with Google Street view. There’s been quite a few suicides from that bridge too.

        I could probably try to cross it. It would just mean fines and/or jail time. Small price to pay to say you did it! Especially if you made it the whole distance before they nabbed you. Hmmmmm… LOL!

  4. I would hate to see you get in trouble.

    If you do, just go with the “this was the route I had planned and don’t know how else to get to my destination” “I’m far from home, on a bike, and didn’t want to get lost, or wind up in a bad neighborhood with little to no protection or security” defense.

    How could any cop not let you go?

    PS, that one will work about anywhere, not just on that bridge, lol



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