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I am anticipating leaving Collier-Seminole State Park on Thursday or Friday. My plan is to ride north along the Gulf Coast toward the panhandle. This decision is based on the probability of making a trip to North Carolina to visit my prospective charity if given the permissions to do so. If it’s not possible for any reason, then at least we’ll get to see the Gulf Coast side of Florida. 🙂

I have squared away a bunch of tasks and I’m itching to get back on the road. One task was to trim some of the weight I’ve been carrying in my panniers. Got rid of some socks and pair of jeans and a tube with a hole it.

I have also been checking out “Couch Surfing.” It seems to be a great way to save money and meet interesting people.

Here’s a photo of an alligator I took earlier in my trip. I added the close-up to show his angry face.

Taken from a bridge earlier in my trip

© Ron Wynkoop and Bike2Cloud9, 2011.

About bike2cloud9

Recently retired and going to attempt crossing the U.S. on my bicycle. Please become a sponsor or just cheer me on!

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  1. Nice going, Ron

    I particularly like the photo. When I was in 9th grade, I used to bike to Jefferson Junior High from south Merritt island. Very often, gators would be warming themselves along the side of the road (side opposite of the bike path). they would leave us alone, and we frequently biked in groups (including Mike LaRocque). More than once, I saw some pretty big ones (luckily they were lazy!).

    thanks for triggering the memory of fun and carefree days.

  2. Dennis 'bondo' bruno

    That picture is awsome. I see a fantastic coffee table book in your future along with a great autobi. Good talkin’ w/ you today. Take care friend.

  3. Ron, we miss you so much some times we still expect you to walk in the door
    .. we heard about the charity you are trying to help and we think its awesome. Its really nice of you to take your opportunity of completing your dream to help someone have their own! Love the little gator can’t leave florida without a picture of one!!! Come home in one peice and i will make you a point on the house! !!!!! Take care, shay and all your favorite Dennys waitresses

    • Hi Shay!
      Nice to hear from you. How did you become the spokesperson for my favorite waitresses? Did you all draw soda straws? 🙂

      Thanks for checking in with me. It’s nice to have your support along the way, Shay. I assume you meant you’d make me a PITA Parfait…, Shay?

      Let everyone know I’m thinking of them and I hope to be back sometime in Feb/Mar to start my venture across the states.

      Till then, have a nice day, Shay.

  4. Great videos! Looks like things are coming along nicely!

  5. Crikey, thit’s a beauuuuty!

  6. I became the spokes person just like i bring u n bondo coffee when my station is on the other side of the restaurant lol. I your my favorite customer that’s why: )! It really isn’t the same without you and i keep you in my prayers that you make it back to us safely and alligatior bite free. Yes i ment the parfait its they AUTO correct haha

  7. Just wanted to check on you and see how your journey has been i hope you make it back soon. I look forward to seeing a update on your site the last one i can pull up on my phone us the alligator one. Ron is no longer a member of management at our location he is moving to daytona this week I’m sure he would have wanted to say bye. Also barbra is getting married to carlous in about two weeks. I’m sure she would have wanted u to come. Or at least i would have so i would have someone to make snide remarks with. Lol. I have been up to they same old stuff. Dj is back in kuwait and he’s not coming back to study in the states. Since you left bondo. And mobias have kept me company but its not the same as having u there to throw stones and shoot random avatars for points while drinking gallons of our coffee (how does your stomache still have a lining anyway ) hahaha. Hope to hear from your soon. I’ll keep you updated on every thing this way: ) hope your. Trip has been a marvalous experience so far. Shay


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