Training Day 6

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One of the things I’m enjoying the most as I go along is the air. The fragrances. The scents. The aromas. Fresh cut grass seemed to be dominant today as I passed by many workers cutting the lawns of businesses and road crews with tractors mowing large swaths of mostly dry grass along the sides of the highway and kicking up clouds of dust and dirt and debris.

I’m fascinated by many of the things I see as I scan the road in front of me looking for sharp objects. I’ve seen coins scattered on the shoulder for long distances as though someone must have been tossing them out the window of a moving vehicle.

Jewelry. I’m beginning to think I should stop and pick some of this jewelry up. I’ve found broken necklaces, chains and pins before. Mostly in parking lots and it’s always cheap stuff. But I’m thinking some of this stuff might be worth something. I can picture a pair of lovers driving along in a car having an argument about one or the other cheating in the relationship. And of course it would probably be the woman that would take an expensive locket and just toss it out the window as a symbolic gesture of what the male had done to their relationship.

And then there is clothing. Enough t-shirts to start your own store. Towels. Shoes. (rarely both of them) Just one bra so far. Smashed cell phones and other electronic devices. Stuffed toys. Then there is also debris. Today I saw large wooden rocking chair all broken up along the shoulder. Paint buckets and tools. Stuff that could really cause an accident.

But the jewelry. I think I’m going to start backtracking for some of that.

My riding distance today from Bradenton to Venice was 33.59 miles. I got up about 7:00 and did some writing and then went and got breakfast. The ride was pretty difficult for the first part of the trip. Rt. 41 through Bradenton is terrible for bikes. I had to constantly hunt for good ground to ride on. The only bike path available is the one that the bikes make. Several times I had to go back out on the road to dodge loose sand or broken pavement.

Sarasota was excellent. Some places had exclusive bike paths and other areas where the sidewalks were nicely kept and wide. Every corner had nice ramps with non-slip matting.

The scenery was gorgeous. Marinas and parks all along the Gulf coast. Beautiful architecture and art decorates the landscape.

This statue depicting a sailor kissing a nurse in celebration of the end of World War II is currently on display at Marina Jack in Sarasota, FL.



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  1. Didn’t Mom say, one’s man garbage is another man’s treasure? I’d grab the money and the jewelry and never mind how it got there. Just laying around means, finders keepers, losers weepers. Be safe. xoxo Dee

  2. Dennis "Bondo" Bruno

    Wonderful writing Ron! I see you your going to start selling quality jewelry! Thats our boy! way to go. Bondo

  3. How’s your Butt holding up?? when I run I find coins all the time, keep your eyes open.
    have fun, this is really
    good reading Ron, keep up the good work!

    • Hi Pat!
      I like the way you used my “Butt” and “holding up” in the same sentence. Actually, my butt is doing well. My hands and feet distract me from it. Thanks for joining in and I hope you stick around. Thanks for the kudos!

  4. Ron very good reading, and yes you should pick up the money and jewelry. You can open your own shop . You can name it Ron’s Jewelry outlet on wheels.
    You are doing some good writing. MAY THE WIND BE AT YOUR BACK.

  5. Michael Markman

    Dear Mr. Bike2Cloud9,
    I think you should document the things you found, and where you found them… This way you can return them to their rightful owners. You can put together a little book and map where you found each article and make up a clever story about the culture that left the strange artifact behind…

    if you indeed feel like their ownership expiration date is up, you could bury the things you find at specific coordinates (having a GPS and all) and sell, “Treasure Maps”… This would allow you to generate revenue along your way, and likewise you could make the path, and who you sold treasure maps too… and their reactions and interactions with you… and even let them post what they thought of their findings…
    Hope you are well… What is your average daily mileage? How long does it take you?

    Michael Markman

    • That sounds like a great idea when you say it fast. The truth is, there is not enough time in the day to (see above) but I like your entrepreneurial spirit.
      I haven’t figured out my miles per day but it takes a long time.

      And uh, you can call me Ron from now on. 😉

  6. Alison from Australia

    I’ve got a photo under a statue like that with my husband and I in the same pose – but it was in San Diego. Have a fabulous trip.


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