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I got my bike back from the bike shop today. I replaced the original chain that has withstood three round trips to California (mileage wise) over a ten year span and has never left me stranded. The sides of the chain were paper thin in places but still holding tough. The rear sprockets were sharp and pointy from wear so I replaced them too. They looked like those shurikens you’d see on the TV show Kung Fu.

My bike in 2001

My bike when it was new in 2001

Also got new brake pads put on the rear. The rear brake is always the primary stopper and in my experience gets changed three times more than the front brake. The shifters and derailleur are adjusted and now it’s a fine tuned instrument! I feel pretty good about my ride now and hope it takes me around Florida and right up to my departure date next February when I’ll have my new bike for the trip across the States.

I stuffed my saddlebags with towels and jeans just to fluff  ’em out and then mounted them on the bike to check the fit. Perfect! Great foot clearance and they attach easily and snugly to the rack. They look good too. I added my tent, bungee corded it down, then went for a spin. All I can say is, I’m stylin’ now!

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Recently retired and going to attempt crossing the U.S. on my bicycle. Please become a sponsor or just cheer me on!

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  1. Dennis "Bondo" Bruno

    Wow Ron! I’m excited just following your pre-trip progress. (*Sniff/ Holding back tear*) Things just won’t be the same when you leave. lol, duh. Not only will I lose my best friend, but use of this great laptop. Either way you’ve got a place to stay, (just not too long) after the 31st. You know just in case you need some more time, or would like to purchase a nice matching set of lamps, or sword. Whatever you need man. Bondo

    • The difference between your best friend and the laptop is what?

      Thanks man for all you’ve done for me. This is going to look great on your resume when you get to heaven but it probably won’t get you in on it’s own. 🙂

  2. Cathy Goretsky

    Godspeed! Don’t forget rain gear! I’ll be anxious to follow your adventures and will pray for your safety as you follow your dreams!

  3. Hey Papa Ron, How are you? So where are you at now? Your long lost friend/family Debi,


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