A New Start

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For more than ten years I’ve been thinking about crossing America on my bicycle and now I’ve decided to do it. I should have done it ten years ago but I guess I fell into my comfort zone.

With this blog I hope to share my dream of riding a bicycle across the United States. I invite you to follow along with me and share all the new discoveries, challenges, fear, joy, frustration and satisfaction it may bring.

As of June 1, 2011 I’ll be out of my apartment for good and officially “on the road.”

My plan is to train for my journey by touring around Florida and maybe Georgia until the seasons cycle around again. The prime time for me to leave Florida will be late February or early March. This should put me in the Colorado mountains while it’s still somewhat warm. When I do leave Florida I will be taking three vials of sand from the beaches of Cape Canaveral or hopefully Kennedy Space Center. Two of the vials will be back-ups. I will carry them with me to Vandenberg AFB or as close as I can get and deposit the sand on the beaches there. I haven’t decided if I will bring sand back from CA to FL yet so you’ll have to stay tuned.

I plan to take many photos and write about my experiences as I go along. Hopefully I can sell a couple of e-books and “cross-eye 3D” books and posters. The Grand Canyon looks a lot more spectacular in 3D!

So this is my introduction for now and I hope you follow along with me as I make my solo journey around Florida and across the United States.

© Ron Wynkoop and Bike2Cloud9, 2011.

About bike2cloud9

Recently retired and going to attempt crossing the U.S. on my bicycle. Please become a sponsor or just cheer me on!

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  1. Good luck and Happy Trails!

  2. Allthe best to you, Ron. I will definitely be following your website as you journey!

  3. Hello My Brother…

    My eyes will be watching you! Be safe and have fun. Love you. Dee xoxoxox

  4. So happy for ya Ron! I’m looking forward to tracking your adventures!

  5. Good luck and happy roads. I will be following you on your site….


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